In need of a new transom for your Boat?
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New Transoms Available For All Types of Boats:
bowrider with inboard/outboard
Bowrider  in/out drive
bowrider outboard engine
Bowrider outboard
cuddy cabin cruiser
Cuddy Cabin I/O
bass boat
Bass Boats
center console boats
Center Console Boats
New Transoms Also for:
Cruisers with dual engines less than 30'
runabout boats
Runabout Boats less 30'
pontoon boat
Some Pontoon Boats
Some Sail Boats
jon boat
And Jon Boats
     So you have gotten some bad news from your mechanic, turns out the reason your boat is taking on water is that the transom is bad. But wait, its not the end of the world or the end of your boats life.
     A bad transom is a common problem with older boats. Generally, a boat that is 15 years or older will have a rotted transom or some sort of structural failure, but not always. The transom is the back of the boat or the stern.  This is the area where the boat manufacturer needs a 2-3 inch thick surface to comply with the engine manufacturer. This is cost effectively accomplished with using an inner core material such as plywood to achieve the desired thickness for structural integrity. While this is a practical way of achieving this, there can be consequences when this area is exposed to of all things, water. 
     Who's to blame? Not necessarily the manufacturer, not really the boat owner, and definitely not your neighbor or the last person that operated the boat, but how about a combination of time and exposure to weather? This is basically the reason for a rotted transom.
     Not to worry, the transom in your boat can be replaced to give you many more years of boating and family fun.
     If your in need of structural repairs, such as a transom, I can help make your boat repairs easy and worry free.  All work is done at one shop. Engine and outdrive removal services are performed by the same person who does the fiberglass work. this may seem strange but believe me this is a benefit.
     In addition to drivetrain R&R and fiberglass work, any electrical and plumbing issues can be taken care during the repair.
     So, with all that being said, feel free to give me a call  (contact me)  with any questions you may have.

     Brad Fisher

                       Save money, pay the person who actually does the work!